Wednesday, October 24, 2012

On to New Adventures


It's been a while, how are you?

We've been great! Glad to hear you had an awesome summer, it was one for the record books that's for sure! As you may have noticed, The Root System has not collectively performed a show in a while - "Hey what's up with that?"

Well, as many good things start, they always come to an end, or at least to a period of rest for right now. That is to say that for the near future The Root System will no longer be touring or performing as such. However, that is not to say we haven't been up to the same old antics.

For instance, Vice Versa just got back from a summer long trip to Europe, Apollo is out in California soaking up the winter sun, and Casey J has been starting up his new media company, Sensebellum.

It may get a little slow around here, so, if you're looking to see what we've really been up to, or if you are looking for the freshest tracks, the most progressive new media, and some sweet dance moves, just pop on by!

Casey J (Casey J Scalf)

Bounce in Peace
Vice Versa (Robert Capelluto)

Apollo (Tate Petersen)