Saturday, June 9, 2012

Fresh Cuts from Casey J

Hello Friends,

     We got some fantastic news and a offer you can't refuse. First of all, we are in the works for a commemorative Root System Anniversary video - crazy to think it has already been a year! Along those lines, "Vj Cassius" will now be known as "Casey J". We caught up with Casey to ask him a bit about it:

"I have thought about switching my name for a little bit now. I didn't want to label myself as just a Vj, I really want to get into other disciplines - namely music - so I wanted amore universal title. Also, I didn't want the name to be an alter-ego from myself, I wanted it to be very natural. Just as there are Dj,'s Vj's, Ej's, and so forth, I decided play on the theme by using my first name and first middle initial: Casey J. Looking to get some great stuff out this summer so stay tuned!"

     Now to the good stuff! We have some brand new material from Casey J featuring found, filmed, and graphically composed loops at full quality with no cost! Featuring a spring vibe matched to a solid balance of entertainment vs education, the clips will make a good addition to any visual artist. Make sure to stay tuned for more free content, visual mixtapes, interviews, photos, and more!

Get the free loops here: