Casey J

Casey J, a.k.a. Casey J Scalf, (formerly known as Vj Cassius) is the one behind the visuals for The Root System.

"I started getting into visuals after an experience with a friend. We were walking and discussing how we could communicate better, or as good as we were then. It hit us at the same time - the more senses you use, the way in which they are integrated, and the resolution used can aid drastically in communicating a message or idea to another person or system.

For instance, I like bikes. A lot. But that is only a few words. When I add a picture, it makes more sense. When I add sound, you are really getting the idea. When I add moving pictures you really are getting it, then you might touch the bike and ride it - as you can imagine, this can apply to everything.

I like to apply this to many different things, from lighting up a building in an interactive way, to doing visuals for our group - The Root System, or illustrating buildings and architecture with moving graphics - it is all light to me."

Since The Root System, Casey has gone on to start a company by the name of Sensebellum: where your senses and cerebellum mix to create our perception of the world. Specializing in all things new media - projection mapping, sound, environmental dynamics, graphic design, interactive installations, and many more. To find out more about Casey J, his New Media company, Sensebellum, pictures, videos, new and more at:

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