Friday, July 6, 2012

XXYYXX Remix Clips by Casey J

In early May of 2012, Casey J was able to do live visuals for thee Andre Nickatina at The Wild Buffalo House of Music in Bellingham Washington. After a full weekend of the whole Root System performing at the 8th annual "Urban Music Festival" Casey J was invited to perform again with sir Nickatina the next night.

"It was really crazy. On one hand I had not done too many hip-hop/rap shows. But I knew I had some sick content to mix in with Andre's style. Austin from The Wild Buffalo helped us find some great material by the pixels of the XXYYXX music video "About You".

I remixed and remastered the clips in Final Cut, After Effects, and a few others to give it a more personal feel - also, to not just snatch and grab the beautiful work done by director Jeff Vash. As a tribute to this work, and to spread the love I am releasing these clips along with some other smokey personal content"

To download these clips check out the links: