Apollo, a.k.a. Tate Petersen, is the shining individual that brings dance, beatbox, fire and light to The Root System performance.

“My job is a ridiculous amount of fun. Along with being able to collaborate with two incredibly talented artists, I get to add a key factor in the multi-sensory experience. What is this ingenious building block you ask? Why Dance of course! Throughout my life I have experienced the impact that dance has made in our world and it is my privilege to spread that sheer joy of movement, and with it, free as many individuals as possible. Picture yourself dancing to your favorite track… are you happy? ...Of course you are. Watching the crowd react to my dancing with bright smiles and moves of their own is one of the greatest feelings this life has bestowed upon me.”

For a bigger scoop on Apollo, make sure to check out his hot fire dance videos at:

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