We are The Root System. We are a collection of performers that aims to blend the senses, bring in the crowd, and integrate innovative forms of performance - both low, and high tech.

We specialize in Music (Dj Vice Versa), Light (Casey J), and Dance (Apollo). By leveraging new methods of expression in creative ways, we will change the landscape of modern performance.

"Not just the dancing of falling leaves, the visual pattern of the branches, or the sound of crunching twigs - The Root System is the collective arboretum
By combining the senses and the crowd in the aesthetic experience we will change the landscape of modern performance. 
We will Educate. We will Unify. We will Free."

This particular avenue of expresion is our Blog. Different than the website, our blog will go into more detail than the website by providing reports, articles, interviews, and more insight into the inner workings of The Root System.

As of now, The Root System is no longer touring or performing together. But don't fret, everything be alright, we're just out exploring the world! To follow up our current projects, check out our individual pages to see what we've been up to!