Thursday, December 29, 2011

Welcome to The Root System's Blog

Hello Friends and Welcome to the Start of the Root System’s Blog.

Just what is ‘The Root System’? Well we are a collection of Dj’s, Visual Artists, and Dancers changing the landscape of modern performance through innovative mediums and means. The Root System is not just the dancing of falling leaves, the visual pattern of branches, or the sound of crunching twigs - The Root System is the collective arboretum. By combining the senses and the crowd in the aesthetic experience we will change the performance experience in meaningful and moving ways.

Core to what we stand for is bringing people together. While they are hear we will combine the senses in unbelievable ways. Imagine the visuals going perfectly with the beat, the dancing following suit, the crowd interacting with the visuals, and it all blending together into a one-of-a-kind experience not offered by other groups. We play inside or outside, at Clubs or Birthdays, parking lots or concert halls, online or in the real. That is what The Root System does.

Okay, so that is The Root System, but what is this Blog about? This blog is different from our website in that it goes more in depth, covers more ground, and serves as more of a open space rather than a curated portfolio. Check back often and you will see write-ups on upcoming shows, past events, and industry reports. You’ll also find reviews of new technology, tips of the trade, and personal opines on trends. Add a few interviews from members and outstanding friends and you’ve got it!
So bookmark this page, check it in a few days, or see our other avenues for a closer look. Either way, we’ll see you around the bend!

Dj Vice Versa

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