Saturday, January 14, 2012

The 3D Revolution

It seems nearly every movie, from Tin Tin to Shrek has gone 3D... Not being one to band wagon or coat tail, we had to take it and put our own spin on it. We give to you, and integrate in our performances, 3D Camera! Whoo!

But what is it?

3D video, in this case, is being captured via a Microsoft Kinect. Yes, the same one many games are played with. However, in this case, we are using it to get live video from say Apollo dancing or the crowd going crazy.

What makes this 3D is that the Kinect's use of multiple cameras, a infrared sensor. Post-Processing combines these into a synthesized image showing depth, just as real eye would. Load this into your favorite multimedia programming environment, (like Quartz Composer!) and you have a live 3D environment in which to pan around, manipulate, fade, whatever!

As a visual artist, I love the flexibility of both the Kinect and Quartz Composer. An integral part of our performance is blending the senses in creative ways, and getting live video of Apollo jumping, then pausing, then exploding him into a million particles to the beat live is just too much fun!

     - Casey J

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